to TiAmo Desert Mountain ISSR Shilohs located in Oro Valley Arizona.


This is the baby that started my "love affair" with ISSR Shiloh Shepherds. My much loved, deeply missed... precious TiAmo was a plush coated male.

TiAmo TNT Guardiano di Zion

This is my lovely Tang. Tang came to live with me about one and one half years ago when Tina and Lisa asked me if I would consider giving her a home. They wanted to retire her (Tang is the mother of Corinne's Charley ... by the way!) as she had done her "job" and deserved a new life. Tang quickly, easily and happily made the transition from a kennel dog in New Zion's breeding plan as a "WORKING GIRL" to the new life she has with me as a much loved and very pampered house puppy "PRINCESS" here with me. Tang is now 6 years old. She is a beautiful smooth coat (although, I feel her coat is "in-between" a smooth and plush) female. She is a sweet and gentle sweetheart... although very protective and devoted to me...and another "treasure" in my life.
Trillium's Red Hot Mustang Zion
This is the most recent Shiloh to join my family. I renamed him "Valentino" and call him "Tino" as he arrived here for Valentine's Day 2005. Tino is my "rescue" as his first home turned out not to be a good one for him and after spending the first year of his life there he came to live "forever" with me. Tino is just an absolute love and I do love him so!!! Tino is a smooth coat male... not quite 2 years old.
BelleGrace's Schultz O Roxy's Lair

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